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Web Software Developer

Our ecosystem includes:

  • Agile project management (Jira based)
  • Goal oriented mindset
  • Product development activities
  • SEO oriented projects
  • Cloud first approaches
  • Research and innovation experimenting opportunities

You will deal with:

  • Develop object oriented PHP and/or React (NextJS) software products
  • Be part of various Business-to-Consumer international software product development projects
  • Clean software architectural approaches
  • Follow strict GIT based workflows
  • Create and monitor cloud based deployments

Related technologies:

  • React (NextJS)
  • PHP (Laravel)
  • MongoDB
  • Google Cloud

Desired skills:

  • Proven experience in JS and/or PHP
  • Good data modelling skills
  • Cloud technologies enthusiast
  • Loves to experiment

Feel free to reach us at jobs@oxa.al if you’re interested in this position.

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