OXA Studio - state of the art in Software Engineering!

OXA Studio was founded in 2018 by Klesti Hoxha after 12 years of extensive experience in web engineering and software development. We are a cool team located in Tirana, Albania and we have strong connections with its IT education hubs.

Nowadays our main goal is to manage to enable various data analytics use cases by leveraging scalable cloud solutions. We extensively use the cloud for supporting B2C and B2B solutions. We support our client needs for data-driven marketing techniques allowing them to improve their conversion rates and ROI.

By adopting a cloud-first approach for each of our implemented solutions, our clients are ready to quickly scale up their technology stack in case of sudden traffic spikes as a consequence of considerable investments in online marketing. On demand infrastructure paying schemes are critical during the inception and later stages of a project development. Therefore we aim to always propose robust and well thought architectures to each of our client’s projects, considering us more as stakeholders other than contract fulfillers.

We regularly combine our daily software development and dev-ops tasks with internal R&D activities. The main goal is to get updated with the recent developments in cloud technologies to shorten the learning curve involved when implementing them in concrete projects.

Clearly visible outputs, innovation suggestions, ongoing R&D, cost management, are some key factors that define our client engagement strategy. We don’t limit ourselves to requirement fulfilment, almost always propose integrating mixed setups that are much easier and cost effectively deployable nowadays because of the cloud technology advancements.

What makes us different from others is that we are fully dedicated to every single little kind of detail!