Backend Development

We like to experiment and keep up to date with the latest techonologies. Proven experience in Node, Strapi, React, Python, PHP, Flutter, REST and GraphQL.

Frontend development

A successful frontend development strategy makes sure that the interaction between customers and business webpage will be a smooth one. Proven experience in NEXT.JS, VUE.JS, Tailwind

Cloud deployment

Today 84% of all business workloads take place in the cloud. Based in your business resources, networking requirements, and your business goals, we manage to give you a whole package of cloud deployment features.

Featured Expertise

Headless CMS

Headless CMS is a backend content management system that can send content directly and can make it accessible via an API. Some of the benefits are:
- It is easy to create and manage content in multiple places. You create content once and you can you use it many times it is needed. Furthermore, you can send this content in multiple different outputs. You can rebuild your website, make frontend changes without changing your content.
- By deciding on what is primary, you can manage the content and deliver it to any channel. Using an API, the content is easily accessible in any website, mobile application, social networks, any device or channel. You can write your website or mobile applications using any programming language, using your favorite tools and own development process.

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