Cloud Based Software Engineering

We deliver robust software solutions that make use of scalable cloud based architectures. Following a "cloud-first" approach we reduce the risks related to the scale up phase of your startup. Modern tech stacks combined with a great attention to detail empower various B2C and B2B use cases in different industry sectors. A carefully engineered solution and a detailed transition plan in case of existing infrastructures accompanies all of our solutions.


Advanced Data Processing Pipelines

We build various data processing pipelines that integrate data from heterogenous sources. They usually boost various scenarios in advanced web information systems engineering, information retrieval, and improving information access user experiences. We like to consider our tech studio as a place where tech academy and industry solutions get along together perfectly.


User Experience Research

User centered design is a must in all modern software projects. We have experience in conducting user studies, usability evaluation, and data driven UX design decisions. Page speed gives a directly perceivable UX boost that is also measured by most search engines. We have extensive experience in page speed optimization projects.