Backend Development -

We deliver robust software solutions that make use of scalable cloud based architectures. Following a "cloud-first" approach we reduce the risks related to the scale up phase of your startup. Some of the technologies we're proven experienced are: Node, Strapi, React, Python, PHP, Flutter, REST and GraphQL.
A carefully engineered solution and a detailed transition plan in case of existing infrastructures accompanies all of our solutions.


Frontend Development -

NEXT.JS, VUE.JS, Tailwind are some of the frontend technologies we're proven experience of. The user interface of web applications is very important yet, its design, its structure and everything that a customer see on the screen while scrolling in the website is important too. The main purpose is a smooth experience so the customer can get what he's interested on.


Cloud deployment -

Using cloud nowadays is getting something pretty trendy and useful. Some of the benefits are high speed, quick deployment, unlimited storage capacity and furthermore it allows to update automatically software and integration. Your data is secured, it can be backed up and restored and many members can collaborate for it. Cloud deployment increases your project efficiency and it also reduces costs.