Quartz News Aggregator App

Everyday, we read loads of daily news around us. The importance of daily news and the information we get, has a big impact on us. Getting information is healthy, yet we should take care of which news sources we prefer to read. 

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Page Speed Optimization

The most beautiful, well-designed, responsive, SEO perfect web page can be rendered meaningless by slow load times. Today’s web users are used to pages that open in the blink of an eye, with little patience for blank screens and spinning loading GIFs...

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Eating Healthy Assistant

There are tons of different online diet programs to choose from, and they all promise significant healthy recipes. We have all searched for weight loss/ weight gain or just healthy recipes on Google, since we all trust Google as if he were a nutritionist, doctor, pastry chef, pizza delivery guy etc...

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How to migrate legacy PHP web applications to Laravel

Developing new features on old sites is a daunting task. Sooner or later they will have to be modernized, rewritten from scratch, or ultimately shut down.

An interesting approach to refactoring old codebases is in-place migration. You don’t rewrite the whole project from scratch, you just tweak it a little and make it work alongside its modern version...

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Legacy App Refactoring

We’d been working on this project for a few years, but never really had the time to work on massively refactoring it. There were always new features, small fixes, and improvements in the way...

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Automated Testing

Maintaining a top-notch product is critical to staying in business. End users expect the very best and when the competition is very high, it’s product quality that separates the ties. Testing is a very important phase in the development process...

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